EARLY REGISTRATION DUE: *** June 20, 2009 ***

ASAP 2009: Advance Program

Sessions: Rooms Carver One & Two
Lunches & Receptions: Room Carver Three

Tuesday July 7, 2009


Registration and Breakfast

8:15am - 8:30am   


8:30am - 9:30am   

Keynote speech


Grand Challenges in Computational Systems Biology
Dr. Jeffrey Skolnick
Georgia Institute of Technology

9:30am - 10:45am   

Session 1: Arithmetic

 Chair: Milos Ercegovac, UCLA


Division Unit for Binary Integer Decimals
Tomas Lang1 and Alberto Nannarelli2
1UC Irvine, 2Technical Univ. of Denmark


A Combined Decimal and Binary Floating-point Multiplier
Charles Tsen1,  Sonia Gonzalez-Navarro2,  Michael Schulte1,  Brian Hickmann3,  Katherine Compton1
1University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2Universidad de Málaga, 3Intel Corporation


Parallel Prefix Ling Structures for Modulo 2n - 1 Addition
Jun Chen and James Stine
Oklahoma State University

10:45am - 11:15am   

Break / View Posters


Integral Parallel Architecture & Berkeley's Motifs
Mihaela Malita1 and Gheorghe Stefan2
1Saint Anselm College, NH, 2BrightScale, CA


Application Specific Transistor Sizing for Low Power Full Adders
Amirali Baniasadi
University of Victoria


Reconfigurable SWP operator for multimedia processing
Shafqat Khan,  Emmanuel Casseau,  Daniel Menard


Filtering Global History: Power and Performance Efficient Branch Predictor
Raid Ayoub, Alex Orailoglu
University of California, San Diego


Efficient Implementation of Carry-save adders in FPGA
Javier Hormigo1,  Manuel A. Ortiz2,  Francisco Quiles2,  Francisco J. Jaime1,  Julio Villalba1,  Emilio L. Zapata1
1University of Malaga, 2University of Cordoba


Acceleration of Multiresolution Imaging Algorithms: A Comparative Study
Richard Membarth,  Philipp Kutzer,  Hritam Dutta,  Frank Hannig,  Juergen Teich
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

11:15am - 12:05pm   

Session 2: FPGA Applications I

 Chair: Xinming Huang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


A FPGA-based Parallel Architecture for Scalable High-Speed Packet Classification
Weirong Jiang and Viktor Prasanna
University of Southern California


Implementing a Highly Parameterized Digital PIV System On Reconfigurable Hardware
Abderrahmane Bennis,  Miriam Leeser,  Gilead Tadmor
Northeastern University

12:05pm - 2:00pm   

Lunch / View Posters

2:00pm - 3:15pm   

Session 3: Media and Image Processing

 Chair: Mark Franklin, Washington University in St. Louis


Improving VLIW Processor Performance using Three-Dimensional (3D) DRAM Stacking
Yangyang Pan and Tong Zhang
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Specialization of the Cell SPE for Media Applications
Cor Meenderinck and Ben Juurlink
Delft University of Technology


A Massively Parallel Coprocessor for Convolutional Neural Networks
Murugan Sankaradas,  Venkata Jakkula,  Srihari Cadambi,  Srimat Chakradhar,  Igor Durdanovic,  Eric Cosatto,  Hans Peter Graf
NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

3:15pm - 3:45pm   

Break / View Posters

3:45pm - 5:00pm   

Session 4: FPGA Applications II

 Chair: Martin Herbordt, Boston University


An FPGA-based Parallel Hardware Architecture for Real-time Face Detection using a Face Certainty Map
Seunghun Jin1,  Dongkyun Kim1,  Thuy Toung Nguyen1,  Bongjin Jun2,  Daijin Kim2,  Jae Wook Jeon1
1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2Postech


Accelerating a Virtual Ecology Model with FPGAs
Julien Lamoureux,  Tony Field,  Wayne Luk
Imperial College


Parallelized Architecture of Multiple Classifiers for Face Detection
Junguk Cho1,  Bridget Benson1,  Shahnam Mirzaei2,  Ryan Kastner1
1University of California, San Diego, 2University of California, Santa Barbara

5:30pm - 10pm   

Harbor Cruise


*** Bus boarding at 5:30pm ***


Wednesday July 8, 2009


Registration and Breakfast

8:30am - 9:30am   

Keynote speech


Got Game? Experiences with a Cluster of Over 330 PS3s
Dr. Richard Linderman
Air Force Research Laboratory

9:30am - 10:45am   

Session 5: Arithmetic and Cryptography

 Chair: James Stine, Oklahoma State University


Design and Implementation of a Radix-4 Complex Division Unit with Prescaling
Pouya Dormiani1,  Milos Ercegovac1,  Jean-Michel Muller2
1University of California at Los Angeles, 2Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon


A Low Power High Performance Radix-4 Approximate Squaring Circuit
Satyendra Datla1,  Mitchel Thornton2,  David Matula2
1TI, Dallas TX, 2SMU, Dallas, TX


A Novel Processor Architecture for McEliece Cryptosystem and FPGA Platforms
Abdulhadi Shoufan1,  Thorsten Wink1,  Gregor Molter1,  Sorin Huss1,  Falko Strenzke2
1TU Darmstadt, 2Flexsecure

10:45am - 11:15am   

Break / View Posters


An Efficient Hardware Architecture for Spectral Hash Algorithm
Ray C.C. Cheung1,  Cetin Kaya Koc2,  John D. Villasenor1


P3FSM: Portable Predictive Pattern Matching Finite State Machine
Lucas Vespa,  Mini Mathew,  Ning Weng
Southern Illinois University


Run-Time Detection of Malwares via Dynamic Control-Flow Inspection
Yong-Joon Park1,  Zhao Zhang1,  Songqing Chen2
1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, 2Department of Computer Science, George Mason University


A Sixteen-context Optically Reconfigurable Gate Array
Mao Nakajima and Minoru Watanabe
Shizuoka University


Mapping Parallel FFT Algorithm onto SmartCell Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture
Cao Liang and Xinming Huang
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


An Area-Efficient LDPC Decoder Architecture and Implementation for CMMB Systems
Kai Zhang1,  Xinming Huang1,  Zhongfeng Wang2
1Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2Broadcom Corporation

11:15am - 12:05pm   

Session 6: Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

 Chair: Frank Hannig, University of ErlangenNuremberg


An Input Triggered Polymorphic ASIC for H.264 Decoding
Adarsha Rao1,  Mythri Alle1,  Sainath V1,  Reyaz Shaik1,  Rajashekhar Chowhan1,  Sankaraiah S1,  Sravanthi Mantha1,  Nandy S. K.1,  Ranjani Narayan2
1Indian Institute of Science, 2Morphing Machines Pvt. Ltd.


Power-scalable Reconfigurable Switch-Based FFT Processor
Bassam Mohd1 and Earl Swartzlander, Jr.2
1Qualcomm, Inc, 2University of Texas-Austin

12:05pm - 2:00pm   

Lunch / View Posters

1:30pm - 2:00pm   

Invited Talk


FPGA-based RTL Emulation for Embedded Software Development
Rich Claggett

2:00pm - 3:15pm   

Session 7: Computational Biology

 Chair: Jeremy Buhler, Washington University in St. Louis


MSA-CUDA: Multiple Sequence Alignment on Graphics Processing Units with CUDA
Yongchao Liu,  Bertil Schmidt,  Douglas Maskell
School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technolgical University, Singapore 639798


Parallel Discrete Event Simulation of Molecular Dynamics Through Event-Based Decomposition
Martin Herbordt,  Ashfaq Khan,  Tony Dean
Boston University


NeMo: A Platform for Neural Modelling of Spiking Neurons Using GPUs
Andreas Fidjeland,  Etienne Roesch,  Murray Shanahan,  Wayne Luk
Imperial College London

3:15pm - 3:45pm   

Break / View Posters

3:45pm - 5:15pm   

Panel Session


Multi-Core/Threaded Processors vs Diverse Component Integrated Systems
Organizer: Mark Franklin Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Panelists: Wayne Luk Imperial College, London
Brian Ogilvie Mathworks
Jeremy Buhler Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Jay Wilkinson Intel
Michael Champigny Mercury Computer Systems

6:00pm - 8:00pm   

Demo Night


Thursday July 9, 2009


Registration and Breakfast

8:30am - 9:45am   

Session 8: Tools and Design Aids

 Chair: Xinming Huang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Constraint-Driven Instructions Selection and Application Scheduling in the DURASE system
Kevin Martin1,  Christophe Wolinski1,  Krzysztof Kuchcinski2,  Antoine Floch1,  Francois Charot1
1University of Rennes I, Irisa, Inria, France, 2Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden


A System Framework for the Design of Embedded Software Targeting Heterogeneous Multi-Core SoCs
Xavier Guérin and Frédéric Pétrot
TIMA Laboratory


Impact of Loop Tiling on the Controller Logic of Hardware Acceleration Engines
Hritam Dutta,  Jiali Zhai,  Frank Hannig,  Juergen Teich
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

9:45am - 10:15am   


10:15am - 11:30am   

Session 9: Application-Specific Instruction Processors

 Chair: Miriam Leeser, Northeastern University


Evaluating Various Branch-prediction Schemes for Biomedical-implant Processors
Christos Strydis and Georgi Gaydadjiev
TU Delft


Low-Power ASIP Architecture Exploration and Optimization for Reed-Solomon Processing
Andreas Genser1,  Christian Bachmann1,  Christian Steger1,  Jos Hulzink2,  Mladen Berekovic3
1Institute for Technical Informatics, Graz University of Technology, Austria, 2IMEC NL, Holst Centre Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 3Technical University Braunschweig, Germany


Scalar Processing Overhead on SIMD-Only Architectures
Arnaldo Azevedo and Ben Juurlink
TU Delft

11:30am - 11:45pm   



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